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History of Computer Literacy @ CSI
StudentsIn 1999, the CSI strategic planning group suggested the necessity for a computer literacy graduation requirement. Shortly after the need was identified, a Computer Literacy Committee was developed and asked to design the system by which Computer Literacy would be defined and how to assess student literacy prior to graduation. This committee was originally chaired by Dr. Mark Sugden and consisted of various campus and community representatives.
The committee researched a definition of computer literacy and visited other schools to check for some best practice for assessment. Eventually, the committee defined computer literacy as follows:
Basic computer literacy at CSI is defined as a demonstrated ability to use technology to access, manipulate, evaluate, use and present information.
A workgroup was formed to take the definition and topical areas and create a competency profile, or detailed listing of the knowledge and performance objectives. Once this was completed, the exams were written and in Fall 2001 CSI began requiring that all students graduating with a degree be validated as “computer literate.”
  Computer Literacy Now
Ongoing evaluation and oversight of computer literacy is conducted by the Computer Skills Assessment (CSA) Committee. The committee meets regularly to review the definition of literacy along with the objectives. The actual assessment (CSA) is also maintained and continuously reviewed by this committee.

In spring of 2005, the committee voted to adopt the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) standards. These standards represent research-based objectives for computer literacy certification. While CSI does not use the IC3 exam for assessment, we do recognize IC3 standards as the institutional objectives for computer literacy.

Current members of the CSA Committee are:

Lori Garnand (Chair)
Debi Klimes
Heidi Campbell
Ken Bingham
Kirk Ruby
Scott Lindquist
Bill Ebener
Sue Miller
Teresa Sept
Tracey Meyerhoeffer
Valerie Ward
Valerie Warner